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Discover All You Need in Medical Consumables from Medical Ware!

The medical consumables used in daily practice have a significant role in the quality of medical care and the service you deliver; that's where Medical Ware comes in! We're India's leading medical consumables supplier, who deal in supplying vast range of quality healthcare consumables at a price you can afford.


Our stock of medical consumables includes all that any practitioner could ask for in their daily practice, including; needles, syringes, sutures, gowns, gloves, packaging, tubing, staples, tubing, catheters, masks, adhesives, sealants for wound dressing. We also own a plethora of other tools/devices to use in a hospital or surgical environment.


We aim to meet all clients' needs with an innovative approach and high quality, value-added products to make them stand competitive on both local and domestic scale. Combining our proficiency and experience in packaging machinery and medical consumables, we make our partners stand at the forefront when they need reputable sources for the best medical services.


For Which Sectors Our Medical Consumables Are Applicable?


The medical consumables we supply are applicable for the following sectors;

  • Biomaterial
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Orthopedics
  • Dentistry & Dental Materials
  • Pharmaceutical


What Type of Medical Consumables We Supply?


At Medical Warehouse, you can expect to discover a massive range of medical consumables for numerous applications. It includes;

  • BD hub collector
  • Precision glide needles
  • BD emerald PRO
  • Neurology pack
  • 3-way stopcock
  • Cannula
  • The U-drain male incontinence device
  • Underpads
  • Gloves
  • Surgical instrument'
  • Orthopedic pack


Our other top-class medical products are specially designed; Ultra Range medical consumables include; dressings. Our paper consumables contain; Single Use Instruments, Pharmaceuticals, Couch Rolls, Paper Hand Towels, Healthcare Equipment, Curtain Tracking, Dressing Trolleys, Ward Screens, and name a few.


Buying medical equipment is not something scarce; what matters is getting consumables that are sterilized, reliable, and safe to use. Here we assure that all medical consumables are useful and guarantee that they'll stay safe while treating patients through various means.


You don't need to invest a lot to buy the healthcare supplies once you shake hands with us for your need. We will not only help you flourish your business all around India, but will also accommodate you with the quality consumables you wish to get for your daily practice medical services.


We never miss an opportunity to prove our mettle being a dedicated medical consumables supplier.