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EB600 Cardiology Stethoscope


Seller Description

Rossmax Healthcare Member since Dec, 2020

Brand: Rossmax


Cardiology Stethoscope
• Super acoustic sensitivity
• Advanced stainless steel construction
• Interchangeable chestpiece – adult & child diaphragm
• Proprietary valve mechanism design
• 2 tubes in 1

Looking for Cardiology Stethoscopes? Come to Medical Ware House!

When it comes looking for basic medical essentials from any leading platform, then who can forget a cardio stethoscope? The Rossmax cardiology stethoscopes comprise a pressure tunable diaphragm, which works as a diaphragm and bell on the same side.


This enables the cardiologist to clearly listen to different sound frequencies by adjusting the pressure applied to the chest piece. Doing this, users won't need to flip sides between the diaphragm and bell. 


This incredible and useful medical device is best for cardiologists since it doesn't fail to provide easy to hear sounds and excellent acoustics.


 Perks of Buying Cardio Stethoscopes from Our Platform


At Medical Ware House, Rossmax Cardiology Stethoscope is made with high quality assured material and advanced techniques. This makes it meet the standard in this highly challenging field. The technical features, and materials used for making Rossmax Stethoscopes, are sourced from the most reliable and official vendors, carefully chosen after performing a thorough market survey.


Our supplied Rossmax stethoscopes are widely demanded throughout India for their exceptional quality. We are dedicatedly associated with giving a great quality cluster of Rossmax Stethoscope.


Why Are Only Rossmax Stethoscopes best to Use for Cardiologists?

Because this device has super audio sensitivity, it takes body auscultation to a very high degree of quality and sound clarity. Giving apparent and exhaustive acoustics, this stethoscope is unique to others with regards to quality and capacity.


The chest piece can switch back and forth between the bigger side for adults and the more modest side for kids. This saves the complaint of having to change the head or using two stethoscopes physically.


 It is made with treated steel and has two cylinders in 1 plan, which considers better stable transmission.



  • Super acoustic sensitivity
  • Substitutable chest piece
  • Exclusive Advanced stainless steel construction
  • Includes two interchangeable bells & two sizes of soft ear tips with an extra diaphragm
  • Two years' warranty
  • Tubes in one
  • valve mechanism design

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