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Blue Star YCD-FL300 Combined Refrigerator & Freezer


Seller Description

Blue Star Member since Nov, 2020

Brand: Blue Star


• Temperatures in the upper cabinet can range
between 2°C to 8°C
• Temperatures in the lower cabinet can range
between-10°C to -40°C.
• Audio and visual safety alarm system
• ABS material interior, painted steel panels exterior.
• Direct cooling system
• Each cabinet can be controlled independently
with the double microprocessor-based
temperature controller

Need Combined Refrigerators for Pharmaceutical / Medical Use? Come to Us!

Medical Refrigeration equipment is the backbone of entire medical industry since it makes the best cold storage place to keep pharmaceuticals and biological products. It is required in drugstores, hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, clinics, sanitation, and anti-epidemic stations.


Here, the Medical Ware House takes one step further in accommodating with something beneficial. We own a wide array of blue star combined refrigerators. Our supplied cooling units include; Cold Room, Cold Storage Rooms, and Cold Room Units, which are admired by clients worldwide.


Our extensive range of double refrigeration equipment features two separate compartments (each one supervised by its controller), cooling units available in plenty of capacities, ranging from 280 to 700 liters (refrigerator & freezer box have the same degree).


All of our blue stars combined refrigerator models are available either with ECT-TOUCH or ECT-F thermostat controller.


The medical / Pharmacy refrigerators are highly applicable for storing vaccines, drugs, biological products, reagents, and other such things. You can use the lab/drug store refrigerator in industrial drug facilities, emergency clinic, habitats for infection avoidance and control, centers, and others.


Features of Blue Star Combined Freezer


  • The upper cabinet temperature ranges around two °C to 8°C
  • Each cabinet can be individually controlled with double microprocessor-based
  • Lower cabinet temperature ranges between-10°C to -40°C.
  • Direct cooling system
  • temperature controller



  • It contains a microprocessor-based controller
  • Temperature control ranges from +20C to +80C that can be set easily
  • Temperature control is accurate to 10C
  • Accurate temperature shows definitely to 0.10C decimal level
  • Combined with two accurate sensors and an auto defrost work
  • With its temperature recorder, it records seven days of information. It likewise has a 72-hour reinforcement battery for recorder and regulator work (YC-330, YC-520, YC-968, and YC-1500)
  • Equipped with sound and video cautions, for example, High or Low-temperature alert, Door Open alert, Power Failure caution, Sensor Failure alert, and Low Battery caution


How Our Blue Star Refrigerator has been Designed?


The Standing Refrigerator Type has interior and exterior sides, both made from stainless steel (YC-260 & YC-300 is made from ABS material). The interior fluorescent lighting provides clear visibility.


The adjustable shelves are made with quality steel wire. However, some optional additions include a chart recorder and a remote alarm system.


It further comprises of fixed cater under the bottom for easy handling. It has a two-layer glass door with a heater switch, which prevents ice leaks, and can be locked.


How Our Blue Star Combined Refrigeration System Works? 

  • Uses a globally acclaimed German EBMs fan electromotor
  • Contains a controlled air circulation system
  • The exceptionally powerful condenser and broad evaporator give speedy freezing


Come to us today, and discover a wide range of cutting-edge blue star combined refrigerators at the most reasonable price.