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Vinno G60 Ultrasound Machine


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Inorbvict Healthcare India Pvt Ltd Member since Feb, 2021



Innovative RF Platform (The First In The World)

The revolutionary RF platform, The First In The World, removes the limitationon hardwarepre-processing and demodulation of traditional ultrasound platform. This allowsall radio frequency signal for computing and processing, which is approximately dozens of times of data size than current traditional ultrasound is using, with the advantage of retaining more information and gettingmore accurate RF rawdata for post processing. It results in much better image quality inresolutionand contrast.This platform also has higher frequency range which can support probe from 1-25MHz. The intuitive work flow and user interface make it ease of use. And continuous improvement is our commitment always.

Brand Vinno
Model Name/Number VinnoG60
Doppler Mode Color Doppler Velocity
Monitor Size 21 Inch
Monitor Type LED
Display Depth 32 cm
Monitor Resolution 1980 x 720 pixel