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Ultrasound Gel 5litre


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Brand: Mowell



Ultrasound gel is a conductive medium that creates a bond between the skin and the ultrasound transducer. The ultrasound sound waves have a hard time traveling through air, so the gel prevents any extra air space between the probe and your skin in order to create a clear image of the fetus.This transmission gel is water-soluble, non-greasy & will not irritate tissues or injure the ultrasound transducer or electrodes. It spreads easily & evenly & is an efficient coupling medium for electromedical transmission. DIRECTIONS: Apply directly to diagnostic or treatment area.

  • Provides high conductive effect and clear, accurate recording without electrical artifacts*
  • Has high resistance to drying (high viscosity)
  • Provides proper adhesion for electrodes
  • Chemically neutral (no interactions with electrode or skin of patient)
  • Hypoallergenic