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Tynor Small Insole Gel Pair(Weight Distribution,High Cushion,Odorless, Easy to Clean, For Woman)


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Tynor India Member since Oct, 2020

Brand: TYNOR


Provides grip and shock absorption in high heeled shoes to prevent metatarsal pain, hard skin & strain on muscles.

It is soft & non compressible which provides excellent cushioning & comfort to the user.

Anatomical shape eliminates friction and rubbing while walking, 

Easy to use and maintain,odorless, hypoallergenic, non toxic and long functional life.

Tynor’s Insole Gel Female is designed to improve grip of the foot, prevent metatarsal pain, hard skin, morton’s neuroma, forefoot soreness and painfull ball of foot, absorbs shock, so pressure is shifted off the ball of foot, which helps relieve pain in high heeled shoes.