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Toshiba E7239X Tube For X-Ray Machine Housing Assembly

Uttar Pradesh

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Brand: Toshiba


X-Ray Tube Housing Assembly
Model no: E7239GX
Insert Model: E7239
Ser. no: 17224
Max Voltage: 125
Focal Spot: 2.0/1.0 mm
Min. Inh. Filt.: 0.7 mmAl. at 62.5 KV
Manufactured: 1994 November

The unit has visible signs of use with scuffs, scratches, stray marks, nicks, impact marks, etc. We do not know if these units are complete or what may be missing. Please refer to the pictures to see exactly what these items are and the condition that they come in.

X-ray tube heat capacity, KHU : 140
Focal spot, mm : 1
Voltage, V : 5.9-8.1V / 7.8-10.6V
Generator power (kW) : 22.5