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Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves -PREPOWDERED


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Brand: Surgicare


Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves -PREPOWDERED

Surgicare Prepowdered gloves is made from Natural Rubber Latex. The glove is anatomically shaped with thumb ball effect, reducing hand fatigue during surgical procedures. The precision design fit and micro rough surface provides optimum comfort and better instrument grip without compromising on sensitivity. Surgicare Prepowdered gloves provides excellent barrier protection for both doctor and patient.


  • Sterilized in a validated process cycle to achieve sterility -6 assurance level of 10 , and air wash cycles to reduce sterilant residue to less than 4mg/unit.
  • Chemical residue almost nil, eliminates risk of Contact Dermatitis - Type IV Allergy.
  • Lightly powdered with Modified Bio-Absorbable Corn starch to prevent wound infections and granulomas.
  • The protein content is less than 200 g/dm to reduce the risk of user being sensitized to Latex Protein Allergy Type 1.
  • Manufactured in a clean environment to achieve low bio burden level prior to sterilization. This achieves low Pyrogen level after sterilization.
  • Manufactured in a clean environment to comply with EN 556 & ISO 13485 requirements.


  • 100% Inspected.
  • Passes viral penetration test - ASTM F 1671:2007.
  • AQL 1.5 for pin holes.