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Sefam BiPap Oxygen Concentrator


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Brand: Sefam


The patented advanced features (FlowSens, Specific calibration) allow the medical professional to ensure that the device is correctly synchronized to the patient’s needs (triggering of the inspiratory and expiratory cycles, leaks compensation) and adapted to the components of the pneumatic circuit (type of tubing, mask).

DreamStar Duo and DreamStar Duo ST work with OxyLink, which allows the clinician to evaluate the efficacy of the treatment by linking oximetry data to respiratory events and other data from the device. All of this data for the last 365 days can also be analyzed using the DreamStar Analyze software.

EPAP: 3 to 20 cm H2O adjustable in 0,5 cmH2O increments,  IPAP: 3 to 25 cm H2O adjustable in 0,5 cmH2O increments.

Max Flow EPAP: 180 LPM to 20 cm H2O