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Polysomnograph (PSG Machine) - Virgo SL


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Brand: Allengers


Polysomnograph (PSG Machine) - Virgo SL

Allengers VIRGO-SL provides a wide range of inputs up to 40 channel including 24 EEG, 2 EOG, ECG, EMG, Built-in Pulse Oximeter with SpO2, Heart rate, Body position sensor, 2 effort inputs (Abdominal & Thorax), Limb movement, Nasal/oral Airflow/Pressure, Snoring and 4 auxiliary Channels. Digital Polysomnography (PSG) is providing greater flexibility in recording and providing an interpretation of tests. Polysomnography is a diagnostic tool used to determine if your patient is having a sleep disorder or not. This test is conducted overnight at the sleep center or hospital. This test monitors your patient's sleep cycles and stages to identify any disturbances caused by their sleep disorder.

Special Features:

  • 32/40 Channel PSG.
  • C-PAP & BI-PAP interfacing for titration.
  • Automatic detection of Apneas and Hypopneas.
  • Option to convert the data in PDF or media player format for presentation.
  • Sleep staging option for adults and pediatrics.
  • Detailed report of Oximeter, HR, snoring, and other movements.
  • Synchronized high-resolution MPEG-4 video with PSG recording.
  • Features like Amplitude Integrated EEG (AEEG), CSA/DSA frequency distribution, brain mapping etc.