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Pinard Stethoscope

Uttar Pradesh

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Aluminium Fetal Stethoscope is traditionally used Fetalscope. The aluminium is ionised and provides excellent acoustic to hear the heart beat of the fetus. The sound heard is direct from the fetus ie it is not ultrasound doppler converted sound. It is more economical as compared to other alternatives. Also it saves the mother and the baby from any disadvantages of ultrasound.

Pinard stethoscope (aluminium anodized) remain a popular choice for midwives to listen to foetal heart sounds. Available in Plastic, Aluminium

Chestpiece Double Sided
Diaphragm Tunable
Weight .50g
Chest Piece Material Aluminium
Chest piece Finish Plated Alloy
Color Gray
Brand PSM
Packaging type Box
Material Aluminium,Plastic