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LED X-Ray Film Illuminator – Economical

Uttar Pradesh

Seller Description

Dhaal Healthcare Pvt Ltd Member since Nov, 2020

Brand: Dhaal Healthcare


Product Summary


  • Energy Efficiency : LEDs are highly efficient. Energy savings range from 80% to 90%
  • Long Life : LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of about 100,000 hours.
  • No UV Emissions / Little Infrared : LEDs produce no UV radiation and little heat,
    making them ideal for X-ray film view boxes that definitely harmless for eyes.
  • Lights Instantly
  • Unparalleled latest LED technology
  • Low-voltage power supply (increased safety)
  • Digital Dimmer Technology
  • Over 95% uniformity in light across the screen
  • Film activated switch / film sensor – automatic shutdown if no film inside. *Optional
  • Use 7000k-15000k white and light-blue Color temperature is ideally suitable for
    viewing X-Ray, CT and MRI films.

Other Variants 

LED X-Ray Film Illuminator – Premium

LED X-Ray Film Illuminator – Superior



Technical Specifications

Feature Details

Colour Temperature



5000 cd/m2


Strips Based



Power Supply

30 W

Size Availability


Suitable for

Ortho, General Physicain, Dentist

Power Supply Type


Additional Details

LED X-Ray Viewer Specifications

Viewing Area (W x H)          Light Source          Lamp Life          Net Weight (kg)

Single – 14″ X 17″                         LED                   1,00,000 hr            2.9 KG

Double – 28″ X 17″                      LED                   1,00,000 hr             5.45 KG

Triple – 42″ X 17″                        LED                    1,00,000 hr             8.12 KG

Quadruple – 56″ X 17″               LED                    1,00,000 hr             10.95 KG