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Holmium Laser - BLAZE-Prime


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Brand: Allengers


Holmium Laser - BLAZE-Prime

Allengers BLAZE-Prime Holmium laser is used to generate laser beam which is intended for lithotripsy and HoLEP. Advanced compressor based turbo cooling system to enhance laser beam quality and efficiency of the laser. BLAZE-Prime has an Advanced long pulse laser with a super imposed modulated pulse to minimize retropulsion and enhanced the ablation rate.


  • Green beam laser for better visibility.
  • Better dusting & fragmentation using long and short pulse respectively.
  • Restoration - Enable the surgeon to operate the patient on previously stored/saved setting, thus saving on crucial time need to complete the procedure.
  • Selectable operative modes like HoLEP, coagulation Dusting and Fragmentation.
  • 12’’ bright colour touch screen.
  • Pulse energy: 0.1 J to 5 J
  • Pulse Frequency: upto 60 HZ
  • Treatment of BPH, Bladder Tumor and HoLEP
  • Output power upto 65W
  • Selectable level for aiming beam and lasing sound.
  • Tilt movement of touch screen monitor and Sideway Swivel movement of the Touch screen monitor
  • Triple foot pedal:-  Foot paddle 1 or foot paddle 2  can be suitably used for short pulse or long pulse independently or simultaneously for different emission setting. Standby / Ready Switch feature enable user/doctor to have full control of the laser by switching between standby/ ready mode without any assistance.
  • Low maintenance and minimal operating costs.
  • User-friendly, easy to operate touch screen interface.