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C-Arm with Image Intensifier - LDHD Plus


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Brand: Allengers


C-Arm with Image Intensifier - LDHD Plus

Besides the fact that they work as great as they look, these models of Allengers LDHD series are loaded with multifunctional features for diverse application needs and are almost close to zero leakage radiation in all c-arm machines.

Special Features

  • Powered by Synergy LDHD PLUS (1K x 1K) acquisition software.
  • More free space due to larger SID.
  • Actuator assisted C-Arm with 19” medical display monitors mounted on a trolley.
  • Pulse fluoroscopy facility with a frame rate up to 15 FPS for fluoro and cine modes.
  • Full parallel lead shutter collimator.
  • DICOM 3.0 Compatible.