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BiPAP Pro Machine


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Concept Imaging Member since Oct, 2020

Brand: Concept Imaging


Designed To Be Seamless With Digital Auto-trak Sensitivity  

Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity tracks each breath so the BiPAP Plus M Series with Bi-Flex and BiPAP Auto M Series with Bi-Flex can cycle between inspiratory and expiratory pressures based on the patient''s breathing. It also automatically adjusts the variable trigger and cycle thresholds to maintain optimum performance in the presence of any leaks, and ensures optimum system response with every breath.

Bi-Flex "softens" airflow at inhalation and exhalation, making breathing more natural and comfortable for patients. In Bi-Flex mode, patient-adjustable pressure relief is provided at the critical stages: 

 1. EPAP to IPAP
 2. IPAP to EPAP
 3. During exhalation