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BI-PAP MACHINE - Ventmed ST30 , BMC Y30T


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BI-PAP MACHINE - Ventmed ST30 , BMC Y30T

  • Multiple work mode; CPAP, AUTO,SI,T,ST APCVUV technology, home style unique algorithm, intelligent mode multiple parameters settable, enjoyable sleep.
  • Improve your respiratory situation, can make breath smoothly, improve body vitality, improve the immune system.
  • Unique algorithm to adjust pressure, breathing and leakage, make users more comfortable.
  • Acoustic Noise Reduction Design
  • The sound and audio adjustment technology is used to adjust the high frequency noise to the sound frequency that is inaudible to the human ear. At the same time, the motor is wrapped around the shock absorber structure, and multiple acoustic material absorb the vibration to further reduce the noise.
  • New Airway Design

          A new airway design that complies with fluid mechanics to improve air duct performance.

          Increase the flow rate of the whole device by 20% and reduce the impedance by 10%, ensuring user can inhale more air, and easier to exhale, which improves comfort.