Free online exchange of CVID-19 and other medical products

Is MW Medical Warehouse able to help people during this global pandemic?

Nowadays, hospitals, government organizations and medical institutions are at the forefront of the pandemic, managing everything for people around the world. During such hard times, MW Medical Warehouse offers a free platform which allows everyone to connect (as a buyer and a seller) and obtain complete access to the inventory of vital medical supplies, tools, products, and a lot more.

List all COVID-19 products are available on this platform.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Kits, Gloves, Sanitizers, Shoe cover, PPE Suit, Facial Shields, Surgical masks, digital thermometers, ventilators, and a lot more. We aim to continue with further updates on the product selection in line with new requests and demand of the current circumstances.

How can I bulk-buy COVID-19 and other Medical products on this platform?

As the platform connects you directly to the manufacturer, you can easily ask them for a bulk order as per your budget and requirement.