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The Medical Ware House – We Ensure Advanced & Safe Health Care!

Technological innovations have been driving better healthcare means by providing cutting-edge inventions, increased life expectancy, and decreased mortality rate. And it also helps in driving better surgical and non-surgical operations by reducing risk to enhance the quality of life serving the needs and demands of people.


All of this can be credited with creating disposable medical supplies that make a longer, healthier life. The Medical Ware House is a leading medical disposable supplier in India. Our long term experience delivers quality and competence. From the past few years, we have manufactured. plenty of medical devices to cater to variation of needs


We dedicate ourselves to achieve the vision and have designed plenty of medical devices to provide only the best to our customers. Our products are best to use for surgical and non-surgical needs, such as; laparoscopic devices, surgical devices, anesthesia, and respiratory gastroenterology.


How Do We Assemble Our Medical Disposable Products?


Holding a responsible position of disposable medical suppliers for the region, we don’t leave space for any inconvenience for a client to find their required medical equipment.


First aid kits 

In this category, we have;


Medical Applicators: Applicator is the most staple product for any physician and is used for tongue depressors to wound care solution applications


Bandages – protect wounds and expedite healing with our diverse catalog of home-use and adhesive compression roll bandages.


Dressings – browse products made to meet specific needs with a wide selection of special dressings and bandages.


Gauze – keep wounds clean and well maintained with our supply of gauze, medical sponges, and high-quality professional wound dressing


  • Disposable Apparel

In this category of medical disposable, we have;


Coveralls: The medical coverall protects from a variety of biohazards, fluid spills, and splashes. We have universal sizes and case quantities.


Exam gowns: These gowns are used to ensure patient safety during any exam setting/ We have a vast collection of disposable gowns.


Face masks – Protect against the spread of infection with inventory soft, comfortable, and disposable face masks


Gloves: We have assorted style gloves and specialty gloves.

Shoe covers – These are designed to promote sanitation and traction in an operating room


Lab coats – Available in several lengths and with multiple utilitarian pocket options


  • Blood Collection


Needles – high-quality needles, best for a blood draw and intravenous applications


Skin Prep – we have popular skin prep products such as; iodine remover solution, antiseptic swabs, and electrode prep pads.


Tourniquets – Draw blood with ease using our best collection of latex-free tourniquets

Lancets – we carry a vast range of lancets to make quick diagnostic draws, easy and hassle-free


When it comes looking for easy to approach platform where you can get any medical disposable or equipment from your required brand, we bet you won’t find any better solution than Medical Warehouse, as we own high esteem among the best names of medical disposable suppliers.